RESULTS: Devon • Saturday 10/5

SCWTCA member Cathryn Bennett graciously provided results from the Devon DSA held Saturday in Ludwigs Corner PA. If you have questions or corrections, please email them to


Devon DSA – Saturday

Ludwigs Corner PA
Judge: Wood Wornall
Entry: 14-8-(16-8)
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  • WD – Serendipity’s What A Trip (12-18)
  • RWD – Silkcroft Freeze Frame (open)
  • WB – Whindancer’s Dreaming In Rhythm (bbe)
  • RWB – Heriitage Summerland ‘s Moonlight Dancer (6-9)
  • BOB – GCHB CH Keepsake’s Raise Your Glass (d)
  • BW = WD
  • BOS – GCH Harbour Hill One In A Million (b)
  • SD – GCHB Summerland’s A Southern Comfort (d)
  • SB – GCH Coventryfarm Kennally Second B’Fast V Wheatn Wagn (b)
2019 Devon – Tripper wins WD/BW (Serendipity’s What A Trip (12-18))


Ringside Reporter: Cathryn Bennett
Provided to SCWTCA Webmaster 10/05/2019