RESULTS: Agility • Wednesday 10/2

SCWTCA member Susie Blackledge graciously provided Agility results from the Wednesday trials. If you have questions or corrections, please email them to


Montgomery Terrier Agility Cluster (Palmyra PA) – Wednesday 10/02/2019

MACH Rory Red King Of The Links MXS MJG PJD MFB TQX T2B3 THD CGCA TKP(Rory) handled by Mary Whiting
Congratulations on your Master FAST SILVER Agility Title!

  • Master Standard 16″: 1st place

CH Saddlebrook’s Wyldwood Rebel Without A Cork AX AXJ OF (Payne) handled by Lynn Denton

  • Master Standard 16″: 3rd place

Pinehome’s Sybelle Anime (Sybelle) handled by Annie Gelinas

  • Open Jumpers with Weaves 16″: 1st place

Marylou Highway (Highway) handled by Diane Guillotte

  • Master Jumpers with Weaves: 2nd place

CH Lil’Town Everland’s Daenerys Morn Of Ardnacassa AX AXJ NF SCA SIA SBA handled by Kim O’Neill

  • Master Jumpers with Weaves: Qualified

GCHS CH Pinehome Merrimoor Cametodance CD RN CA SCN SIN RATN (Spicy) handled by Linda Hallas

  • Novice Jumpers with Weaves: 1st place

Ringside Reporter: Susie Blackledge
Provided to SCWTCA Webmaster 10/03/2019