RESULTS: Agility • Tuesday 10/1

SCWTCA member Susie Blackledge graciously provided Agility results from the Tuesday trials. If you have questions or corrections, please email them to


Performance wheatens at Palmyra 2019

Montgomery Terrier Agility Cluster (Palmyra PA) – Tuesday 10/01/2019

MACH Rory Red King Of The Links MXS MJG PJD MFB TQX T2B3 THD CGCA TKP(Rory) handled by Mary Whiting

  • Master Standard 16″: 2nd place

CH Saddlebrook’s Wyldwood Rebel Without A Cork AX AXJ OF (Payne) handled by Lynn Denton

  • Master Standard 16″: 6th Place
  • Master Jumpers with Weaves 16″: 5th Place
  • Congratulations on your QQ!

Marylou Highway (Highway) handled by Diane Guillotte

  • Master Jumpers with Weaves 16″: 1st place
  • Master Standard 16″: 3rd place
  • Congratulations on your QQ!

Pinehome’s Sybelle Anime (Sybelle) handled by Annie Gelinas

  • Novice Jumpers with Weaves: Qualified
  • Standard Novice B 16″: 1st place
  • Congratulations on your Novice Standard and Novice JWW Titles today!

Marolou Cours Izzy Cours (Izzy) handled by Sylvie Marchand

  • Master Preferred Jumpers with Weaves 12″: 1st place
  • Master Standard 12″ Preferred: 1st place

Whindancer Mockingbird Paws handled by Patricia Wiltse

  • Excellent Jumpers with Weaves 16″: 1st place

Ringside Reporter: Susie Blackledge
Provided to SCWTCA Webmaster 10/01/2019