Ringside Reporters Needed

Updated 9/24/2019

SCWTCA needs YOU to report ringside on the results from each day of our Natinal Specialty weekend. Based on the number of “thank you” notes we receive each time we’ve done it, people love it!

You can offer to do just one day!

9/30 Mon Montgomery Terrier Agility Susie Blackledge
10/1 Tue Montgomery Terrier Agility Susie Blackledge
10/1 Tue All Terrier Obedience/Rally Susie Blackledge, Rally
Patrice Chevalier, Obedience
10/2 Wed Montgomery Terrier Agility Susie Blackledge
10/3 Thu Hatboro DC Patrice Chevalier
10/3 Thu Montgomery Terrier Agility Susie Blackledge
10/4 Fri Hatboro DC / DVSCWTC Specialty Cherie Turner
10/5 Sat Devon DSA Cathryn Bennett
10/5 Sat SCWTCA Sweepstakes Pat Robeski
10/6 Sun SCWTCA Nat’l Specialty
@ Montgomery Co KC
Carole Clark

What are the job requirements?
Can you text or email from ringside?
Are you willing to take a few minutes after each win to send results?
Do you mark your catalog well enough to report key wins? (Key wins = Sweeps + WD, RWD, WB, RWB, BOB, BW, BOS, SD, SB, and AOMs)

What do you really have to do?
If you sign up for one day, you just need to text or email me Registered Names at three points.

  1. WD / RWD – plus class
  2. WB / RWB – plus class
  3. BOB / BW / BOS , SD / SB, AOMs
  4. Obedience – HIT (High in Trial)
  5. Sweeps – BSW (Best) & BOSSW (Best Op)

What’s in it for you?
You can be a hero to much of the Wheaten world. Your efforts will mean a lot to those of us that can’t be there this year.

I admit, it does take a few minutes away from the immediate kvetching about who won, but it’s worth it. Past ringside reporters have included Meg Ryan, Karen Bilda, Anna Marzolino, Molly O’Connell, Cindy Shea, Pam Mandeville, Cherie Turner, Louise Bishoff, Carole Clark, and too many others to list.

Please contact web@scwtca.org if you are willing & able to be a ringside reporter for one or all of the days listed above.