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Ringside Reporters Needed

Updated 9/24/2019

SCWTCA needs YOU to report ringside on the results from each day of our Natinal Specialty weekend. Based on the number of “thank you” notes we receive each time we’ve done it, people love it!

You can offer to do just one day!

9/30 Mon Montgomery Terrier Agility Susie Blackledge
10/1 Tue Montgomery Terrier Agility Susie Blackledge
10/1 Tue All Terrier Obedience/Rally Susie Blackledge, Rally
Patrice Chevalier, Obedience
10/2 Wed Montgomery Terrier Agility Susie Blackledge
10/3 Thu Hatboro DC Patrice Chevalier
10/3 Thu Montgomery Terrier Agility Susie Blackledge
10/4 Fri Hatboro DC / DVSCWTC Specialty Cherie Turner
10/5 Sat Devon DSA Cathryn Bennett
10/5 Sat SCWTCA Sweepstakes Pat Robeski
10/6 Sun SCWTCA Nat’l Specialty
@ Montgomery Co KC
Carole Clark

What are the job requirements?
Can you text or email from ringside?
Are you willing to take a few minutes after each win to send results?
Do you mark your catalog well enough to report key wins? (Key wins = Sweeps + WD, RWD, WB, RWB, BOB, BW, BOS, SD, SB, and AOMs)

What do you really have to do?
If you sign up for one day, you just need to text or email me Registered Names at three points.

  1. WD / RWD – plus class
  2. WB / RWB – plus class
  3. BOB / BW / BOS , SD / SB, AOMs
  4. Obedience – HIT (High in Trial)
  5. Sweeps – BSW (Best) & BOSSW (Best Op)

What’s in it for you?
You can be a hero to much of the Wheaten world. Your efforts will mean a lot to those of us that can’t be there this year.

I admit, it does take a few minutes away from the immediate kvetching about who won, but it’s worth it. Past ringside reporters have included Meg Ryan, Karen Bilda, Anna Marzolino, Molly O’Connell, Cindy Shea, Pam Mandeville, Cherie Turner, Louise Bishoff, Carole Clark, and too many others to list.

Please contact if you are willing & able to be a ringside reporter for one or all of the days listed above.

Trophy Donations → Due 8/09

Why will our National Specialty be so fabulous again this year? Because of people like you and all SCWTCA’s friends who work so hard and give so generously! Everybody likes to celebrate a win with trophies and ribbons and they are available only as a result of your generous donations.

Many Club members and Wheaten fanciers have responded to the first request for donations. This is always extended to last year’s class, breed, and select and AOM winners and placements. This is a tradition that the Club has followed for many years. It allows those who came home with ribbons and trophies last year to recognize and revisit their success by supporting that placement the next year. A sincere thank you to those individuals who have already elected to honor their MCKC win by sponsoring a National Specialty Placement. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Many placements still need support…

Please consider sponsoring one or more of the trophies that appear on the form below by printing the form and sending your donation to me at the address listed. All trophy supporters will be listed in the MCKC catalog. So please also indicate on the form how you want your name to appear so that your donation can be recognized. Every effort will be made to give you your preferred first choice.

If you cannot or do not choose to sponsor a particular placement, consider making a donation in any amount you can to the SCWTCA General Trophy Fund. We are very proud of the mementos MCKC winners take home, and cannot do the show justice without your help.

In the past, a very popular way of supporting trophies was to donate money in memory of a dog or person now gone, or in honor of one still with us. This way of contributing is available again, and is a nice way to personally bestow special recognition. Just send the donation and the dog or person the donation is in memory of, or in honor of.

Donate Today!

If you have question or are interested in reserving a particular award, contact:

Mary Ann Curtis

Send your completed form and check payable to SCWTCA in US Funds only by 8/09 to:

Mary Ann Curtis, SCWTCA Trophy Chair
6206 Sheffield Lane East
Fife WA 98424

If you prefer, you can donate online at

Thank you for your generous support of the  SCWTCA National Specialty Trophy Fund. Our trophy table can only be as special as all of us help make it.

Wheaten Boutique Reservations → Reserve your spot by 9/15

Celebrate the SCWTCA National Specialty at our time-tested and well-loved annual Boutique on Friday, October 4, at the DoubleTree Hotel in King of Prussia PA.

2005 SCWTCA Wheaten BoutiqueThe boutique offers an open and spacious environment for excellent viewing and ease of movement throughout. We’re anticipating a very successful Specialty Boutique this year!

It’s you that makes our Boutique so wonderful! We look forward to seeing you and your pawsitively wonderful wares!

  • Table space is $5 per linear foot if reserved by 8/1 – and $7 per linear foot thereafter.
  • Minimum space is 4 feet and will be assigned in increments of 4 feet.
  • 2019 SCWTCA Boutique Form

Reserve your space by sending your completed form and check payable to SCWTCA in US Funds Only to:

Susan McGee
SCWTCA Boutique Chair
1255 W 58th Street
Kansas City MO 64113

If you have questions or need additional information, contact