The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America, Inc. (SCWTCA) sponsors the Stud Register as a tool to help breeders identify quality dogs available for stud. While all dogs on the Stud Register are owned or co-owned by SCWTCA members, they have not been independently evaluated for pedigree nor are approved or recommended for any purpose by the SCWTCA.

Use of the Stud Register is voluntary, and SCWTCA shall be held harmless from the consequences of any breeding that occurs either directly or indirectly from its use. SCWTCA remains committed to its Mission and Code of Ethics, and to responsible breeding to the Breed Standard as approved by the American Kennel Club.

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*** No Longer Available

*** CH Almar's Whindancer (Dylan)
CH Amaden's Duke Of Earlecroft (Barney)
CH Amaden's Zack The Director (Zack)
GCH Andover Mayhem Magic (Hammy)
CH Andover Saltnsea Big Baby (Connor)
*** CH Andoverheatherstone RU Sirius (Tiger)
CH Aran About Face (Butters)
CH Aran Midnight In Paris (Usher)
CH Aran The Betr To Hear You With (Oki Mimi)
CH Aran Walks On Water (Jesus)
*** INT MEX AM CH Aranbriar Adonis ROM (Nicholas)
*** CH Banner Bada Bing (Rocco)
CH Banner Sweet Talkin' Guy RA THD CGC (Bob)
CH Baroque Ain't Life Grand (Rudy)
CAN AM CH Baroque Top Shelf Hurrikane (Kane)
CH Bayberry Greentree Sea Hero (Boomer)
GCH Blessing All The Way To The Moon (Lupin)
GCH Blessing High Regard (Beau)
*** CH Bon Aquarel Noble Lad Of Lil Town's (Aidan)
*** CH Bonney American Patriot (Justice)
*** CH Bonney Midnight Spice Dreams ROM (Conaly)
*** CH Bonney Sparks A Flying (Sparky)
AM ENG CH Bonney Sunswept Sage (Sage)
*** CH Bradberry Wesley Van Buren (Wesley)
*** CH Bradberry's Chauncey Blueboy (Chauncey)
GCH Bryr Rose Symbol Of Paris (Eiffel)
*** CH Canopy Road's Prinze Charming (Freddie)
Carrick's Rousing Courage CD RE (Corky)
*** CH Carrick's Rousing Spirit (Spinner)
CH Carrigan Got Th' Moves (Kobe)
CH Ceili's Sultan Of Swing AX AXJ NF (Hudson)
*** CH Charwil Slam Dunk ROM (Dunkin)
GCH Clover's In The Knick Of Time (Knick)
CH Clover's Moonstruck Admiral Halsey (Halsey)
CGH Clover's Mr. Blue Sky (Mr. Blue)
CH Coventry's All That Jazz (Sammy)
CH Coventry's Always On My Mind (Ian)
*** CH Derryhumma Eureka Stereotype (Dolby)
*** CH Derryhumma Mr Mistoffelees (Huck)
*** CH Diamonds By Murphy (Murphy)
*** CH Diamonds By The Bunch (Brady)
*** CH Diamonds By The Case (Casey)
CH Dounam's Cinco De Mayo (Darby)
CH Dromara's Huggable Quinn CGC (Quinn)
CH Dromara's Perfect Treblemaker RE OA NAJ NF CGC TKI (Connor)
CH Duidream Magic In The Mist (Magic)
CH Dundalk Good Looking And Above Average (Sullivan)
CH Dundalk Moon Over Windwood (O'Ri)
CH Dundalk No Shoes No Shirt No Problem (Chesney)
GCH Dundalk Put Me In Coach (Fogerty)
CH Dundalk The Painter's Son (Art)
CH Dundalk The Stroke Of Midnight ROM (Morgan)
CH Dundalk Where For Art Thou (Romeo)
CH Eringlo Rise Above The Mist (Connor)
CH Gleanngay Boot Scoot'n Cowboy (Boot)
CH Gleanngay Daring Display ROM (Dickens)
CH Gleanngay Gather Moon Dust ROM (Duster)
CH Gleanngay Holliday ROM (Doc)
AM VDH NED CH Gleanngay Medicine Man (Mac)
*** CH Gleanngay Rebel Rouser (Hamish)
CH Gleanngay Rebel With A Cause (Rebel)
*** CH Gleanngay Spin City (Michael)
CH Gleanngay Tiger Eye (Tiger)
AM FIN CH Gleanngay Waggedy Andy (Andy)
CH Goldkist Kisses Remy Garfunkel (Remy)
CH Goldkist Special Kildimo Blend (Parker)
CH Greentree Charismatic Display (DJ)
CH Greentree Darcove Fairy Tale CD RN ROM (Jason)
GCH & CAN CH Greentree Feis Dancer Midnight Tobasco Waltz (Dempsey)
CH Greentree Hoist The Flag (Comet)
CH Harmony Robber Barron (Robbie)
CH Heartstring's Toast To Tara ROM (Spencer)
*** AM CAN CH Holweit's Nickelodeon Brixton (Nicky)
AM CAN CH Holweit's Tigger Hasha (Tigger)
AM CAN CH Honeylee's Bye My Fair Whind ROM (Frankie)
CH Hullabaloo Abracadabra (Cassidy)
CH Islander's Jamakin Me Krazy (Jakey)
GCH Jendu Outlaw VCD2 UD RA OA OAJ AXP AJP (Finn)
CH Kaler Kick It Up A Notch (Ziggy)
*** CH Kaler Midnight Mac Attack (Mac)
CH Kaler Whole In One (Hogan)
CH Katdancer's Irish Rebel (Zipper)
CH Kaylynn Murphy's Law Unto Himself (Murphy)
*** CH Kaylynn's August Moon ROM (Augie)
CH Kildimo's Boys Of Blue Hill (Tipper)
CH Kincora Deuces Wild (Murphy)
GCH Kincora Tara Gold O'West Isles CGC (Josh)
CH Kincora Tara Life In The Fast Lane (Race)
AM CAN CH Lakkas Ulmus (Elmo)
*** CH Lakkas Ustilago (Gus)
CAN CH Lakkas Verbascum (Copper)
*** CH Lil'Town Day Dreamer (Murphy)
GCH Lil'Town Fiddler's Lullaby Of Ardnacassa (Fiddler)
*** CH Lil'Town Martins Icing On The Cake (Finnigan)
*** CH Lil'Town McGee's Lullaby Of Ardnacassa (McGee)
*** CH Lil'Town Patriot (Brody)
*** CH Lil'Town Rendezvous In The Park (Casey)
*** Lil'Town Villa Of Ardnacassa (Milo)
US GCHG Lismore McCormack's Dragon Song (John Mac)
CH Lissadell Cajun Comet CD (Astro)
GCH Lochlinear Gleanngay Cha Ching ROM (Chip)
CH Lochlinear Gleanngay Quick As A Wink (Paddy)
*** CH Lonestar's Order Of The Phoenix (Sam E)
CH Lontree Desert Star (Desi)
*** CH Lovesong Dream On (Kodi)
*** CH Lovesong Little Drummer Boy (Major)
CH Lovesong's Dance To The Beat (Kelly)
CH Lovesong's Dream Along With Me (McGee)
Lovesong's Dreamboat (Toby)
*** CH Lovesong's Dreamland Express (Hunter)
CH Lovesong's Follow Your Dream (Raleigh)
CH Lovesong's Let's Dance (Rudy)
*** CH Lovesong's Makin Tracks (Austin)
*** CH Lovesong's Sound Track (Riley)
GCH Ltd Edition Dempsey's Legacy (Dempsey)
AM CAN CH Mackanme Beary Special Of Bodasca (Teddy)
CH Marymore Gift Wrapped (Bo)
CH Marymore Hot Pepper Jack (Jack)
*** McKay's Lil'Town Copper (Murphy)
*** CH McKay's Lil'Town Maverick (Maverick)
US CH O'Mannion's Love Is Strong (Rudy)
US CH O'Mannion's Shattered (Shidoobee)
*** CH Paisley Forever Man (Stevie)
GCH PitterPat Allons-Y! (Al)
CH PitterPat Rocket Dave (Rocket Dave)
CH PitterPat Working On A Dream (Finn)
CH PitterPat's Blue Bayou (Luke)
CH PitterPat's Born In The USA (Toby)
CH PitterPat's Buster Bluth (Buster)
*** CH PitterPat's Dumpling Soup (Stew)
*** CH PitterPat's London Town (Bosley)
*** CH PitterPat's Make It Count (Dawson)
*** CH PitterPat's Moonstruck (Donnie)
*** CH PitterPat's Preston Tucker (Preston)
CH PitterPat's The Amazing Frederico (Fred)
CH Prescott Charlie Bird Parker (Parker)
CH Raelyn Forever Yours (Kona)
CH Raelyn The Jazz Hot (Dylan)
CH Ragtime's Life of the Party (Russell)
*** CH Rainbow Bridge's End (Henry)
*** CH Rolfelan Danny Boy O'Lil'Town (Deaglan)
GCH Saltnsea Commander-In-Chief (Lincoln)
GCH Saltnsea Runnin' Down A Dream (Rocky)
CH Shandalee Star Studded ROM (Mikey)
CH Star On Cloud 9 (Louie)
*** CH Starlight Hogan Of Shady Oaks (Hogan)
INT AM CH Starlight Texas Ranger Of O'Klee (Ranger)
CH Starlight Treasure Chest ROM (Chester)
GCH Stratford Top Brass ROM (Ike)
CH Stratford Top Priority ROM (Brody)
GCHB Sundance's Finnigan Wake Me When The Dream Is Over (Finn)
GCH Sundance's Kajun Ball Of Fire (Lorcan)
GCH Sundance's Lucky Rover (Bowie)
CH Tarlu Talisman O'Grian (Truman)
CH Templar's Fly Away Home (Beckett)
CH Trebol Labour Leader (Jack)
CH Trebol Top Billing OA OAJ NAP NJP (Banner)
VanBeard's Milwaukee Thunder (Icon)
*** Villa Rosas Abernaudd O'Holweit (Abe)
CH Villa Rosas Dun Dryk Star O'Kaler (Danny)
INT S DK D VDH L AM CH Villa Rosas Paddy (Paddy)
CH Waterford Just For Westridge ROM (Cruiser)
CH Whindancer's Fascinating Rhythm (Kirby)
CH Whindancer's Harrigan (Harrigan)
*** CH Windisle Medoc (Bjorn)


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