Specialty Sweeps Judge Denise Daniel - Star Wheatens

I got my first wheaten in 1986, 32 years ago. In 1988 I got my first show dog, Lin-Dar A Star is Born (Star), which would eventually become my kennel name. Over the next ten years, I was mentored by Lynn Penniman Carothers of Briarlyn Wheatens. Together we co-bred, raised, and showed many litters together.

But to get my own kennel name and go out on my own, I had to be able to groom. After, hundreds and thousands of hours of practice, I could finally groom well enough to put a dog in the show ring. 1999 – it was Pebbles, CH Star Honey Brown, and she would have my name! It has been an amazing journey these last 22 years. I want to thank all the people in my life who have made this happen. My breeder and mentor, Lynne Penniman Carothers. My Dad has come to my home and taken care of all my dogs and has been with me for every litter. My Co-breeder for the last 20 years, Karen Mueller, has kept it all together for me. All of my amazing co-owners of my show dogs. Team Star and the BWB’s – if it weren’t for them I couldn’t do all I do. Just Sayin!!

I am honored and excited to be judging Montgomery Sweepstakes. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful Puppies.

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