RESULTS: Devon DSA • Saturday 10/6

SCWTCA member Karen Mueller graciously provided results from the Devon DSA held Saturday 10/6 in Ludwigs Corner PA. If you have questions or corrections, please email them to


Devon DSA – Saturday

Ludwigs Corner PA
Judge: Charlotte McGowan
Entry: 17-14-(14-8)

  • WD – Whindancer Fireworks After Midnight (open)
  • RWD – Summerland’s A Southern Comfort (6-9)
  • WB – Keepsake Tyrone SurfnPipeline (9-12)
  • RWB – Serendipity’s Lady Liberty (open)
  • BOB – GCH J’Adores Stanley Cup Toews At Raelyn (d)
  • BOS / BW – Keepsake Tyrone SurfnPipeline (b)(9-12)
  • SD – GCH Lismore Once In A Lifetime (d)
  • SB – GCHS Banrions Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo CGC (b)

Marked catalog online at MBF

Ringside Reporter: Karen Mueller

Provided to SCWTCA Webmaster 10/06/2018