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SCWTCA Sweepstakes

Whether you spend the morning at Devon or enjoying a late breakfast, the next stop is Puppy Sweepstakes! Be sure to make it to the Sweepstakes to check out the newest crop of Wheaten pups.

With no food vendors on site Saturday, don’t forget to Pre-Order a Box Lunch from Panera.

NOTE: MCKC and MBF request that we do not arrive at the show grounds before 11am Saturday for Sweeps. They will be setting up for reserve parking before that time and we will be in the way.

Hatboro DC & Del Val SCWTC Specialty

Del Val SCWTC Specialty is being held in conjunction with Hatboro DC on Friday. (No sweeps.)

Show site is approximately 30 miles from the hotel. On a good day, allow 45–60 minutes for the drive.

Be sure you get back for Friday evening’s festivities at the DoubleTree Hotel in King of Prussia – Wheaten Boutique & Cash Bar followed by the Annual Dinner.