SCWTCA 2016 National Specialty

10/3–10/9/16   •   Blue Bell PA

10/3 MO  Montgomery Terrier Agility & Barn Hunt
10/4 TU  SCWTCA Nat'l Specialty Obedience & Rally
Montgomery Terrier Agility & Barn Hunt
10/5 WE  Montgomery Terrier Agility & Coursing Ability Test
10/6 TH  Montgomery Terrier Agility & Coursing Ability Test
Hatboro Kathi Brown 12-19-(25-18)
10/7 FR  Hatboro /
Del Val SCWTC Specialty
Kerry Lee 16-24-(27-19)+3V
10/8 SA  Devon Merle Taylor 9-3-(18-12)
SCWTCA Sweepstakes Maripi Wooldridge 13-15
10/9 SU  SCWTCA Nat'l Specialty
Montgomery Co KC
Anne Katona 22-30-(30-24)-3

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Benchmarks – September 2016 Benchmarks

Take Back Your “Alpha”  •  Opening Pandora’s Box  •  Developmental Stages of Puppy Behavior  •  Dealing with Fear Imprint Periods  •  Understanding Nature vs Nurture in Dogs  •  The Fine Art of Tipping The Scales in Everyone's Favor  •  Separation Anxiety  •  The Devil’s Advocate  •  Test Your Wheaten IQ  •  Hot Topics  •  SCWTCA 2016 Nat’l Specialty Details  •  Play It Forward - Raffle for Rescue  •  Take The Plunge...Dock Diving  •  Wheaten Health News: Caring for Newborn Puppies & Their Mother / Pet Safety in the Home  •  SCWTC Greater St Louis Specialty Show  •  SCWTC Southern California Specialties


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