Board of Directors 2018–2019
President Cecily Skinner
Vice President Julie Burdick
Recording Secretary Karen Bilda
Corresponding Secretary Kathi Elliot
Treasurer Mary Ann Curtis
Director Dana Barton
Sue Goldberg
Kent Meyer
Dick Taylor


Members can view the expanded committee list in the password-protected Members Only section.
General Committees
AKC Delegate Robert Bergman
AKC Legislative Liaison Connia Koehler
Membership Susan McGee
Rescue Nancy Butler & Karli Mueller
SCWTCA National Specialties & Supported Entries
National Specialty / MCKC
  – 2019
  – 2019 Obedience/Sweeps
  – 2020

Amy Havely & Vicki Noah
Bruce Peters
 – OPEN –

Roving National
  – 2020 (Oklahoma City)
  – 2020 Board Liaison
Holly Million
Kathi Elliot

Supported Entries Sue Goldberg
Health / Health Education Molly O'Connell
Breeder Education Dana Barton
Judges Education Gay Dunlap
Public Education Gail Richvalsky
CAP (Conformation Assessment Program) Cindy Vogels
Benchmarks Editor
  – Assistant Editor
  – Subscriptions
Helen Fraguela
Deb Van De Ven
Cindy Jansen

HealthNews Editor Molly O'Connell
Membership Directory
   including Mailing Labels
Mary Ann Curtis
Yearbook Editor Cindy Shea
AKC Gazette Columnist Sue Goldberg
Mailing / Shipping Coordinator Kayce Healy
Tech - SCWTCA Website, Social Media, Data Management & Email Communications
Webmaster Robyn Alexander
Social Media Anna Marzolino Sections
  – Breeders List & Membership Directory
  – Litter Listings
  – Stud Register
Mary Ann Curtis
Gail Richvalsky
Gail Richvalsky


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